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Regional Banks - Transformation and Growth: Webinar

Future banking

In our latest webinar, hosted in conjunction with the Aite Group, we discussed insights from our white paper: Regional Banks - Transformation and Growth.

Based on comprehensive market research and exclusive interviews from executives at regional and super-regional banks, this white paper (produced by The Aite Group on behalf of Fraedom) uncovers five key insights for growth and success in the commercial cards market.

During the live event, Gilles Ubaghs (AITE Group) and Kareem Chouli (Fraedom) discussed the white paper methodology and provided an analysis of the results and an overall state of the market. They have also reviewed how successful organisations drive revenue and value for their clients. Topics for discussion included:

  • the growing importance of virtual cards 
  • the challenges of rebates 
  • the growing need for a tailored customer experience
  • the increasing need for the integration of commercial card data into broader enterprise infrastructure.

Click the video below to watch the full webinar, or download our white paper to find out more.