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Introducing the Uber for Business & Fraedom collaboration

Expert expenses

We’ve recently partnered up with Uber for Business, giving our customers the possibility of effortless spend management when using ride-hailing services for business transport.

Ride-sharing services, such as Uber, have been around for a decade. They have taken the transportation network by storm and completely revolutionised the way we perceive ground-transportation. Since inception, they have certainly enjoyed steady growth on a global scale – not only in a consumer context – but unsurprisingly, now in the business world as well.

Looking into antipodean markets specifically, we’ve seen a staggering 131% growth in ride-sharing apps in Australia each year over the last five years*, and a 116% increase in Uber usage across Australia and New Zealand in the last three years.

Research also shows that business travellers increasingly prefer using ride-hailing apps over other ground transportation and this is not surprising either. As consumers, we have developed an expectation to receive the same innovative products and services we enjoy in our personal lives, at work too.

And with 10% of all business expenses processed through the Fraedom system* being ground transportation related, we are beginning to see a growing need to make the expense process as seamless as the service itself. So, partnering up with Uber for Business felt like a natural move.

But what exactly is it that consumers value most about using ride-sharing apps and how can businesses leverage these for their staff?

Speed & convenience – anytime, anywhere

These are probably some of the main reasons why ride-sharing apps hold the one-up on traditional taxi companies and possibly what has facilitated their tremendous growth. Ordering, paying, tipping and receipting all done through the convenience of an app on your smartphone – no matter the time of day or your location. Couple this with the fact that Uber customers for instance, typically wait no more than 3 minutes for a ride and you have a winning combination.

The expense management part should be no different. There’s no reason why after the trip has ended, the receipt can’t be sent straight to your expense management software, ready for employees to simply log in and code the transaction appropriately. Minimising hassle for your staff and freeing up their time so they can focus on the job at hand. It really is as easy as 1,2,3.

Knowing your route – at all times

GPS journey tracking is a great added benefit because it gives the traveller peace of mind knowing when and how they will arrive at their destination. It’s automatic and straightforward and travellers can rest assured that the quickest, most convenient journey will always be selected.

From a business perspective, this is a fantastic benefit because it gives the organisation visibility and control over their travellers’ locations and routes. Uber for Business dashboard allows admins to customise ride policies that limit when and where your employees can ride. Hence, we created Receipt Link - to arm Fraedom customers using Uber for Business with the confidence to implement ride-sharing as a preferred travel method for their staff.

Find out more about Uber for Business & Fraedom.


*These stats are from Fraedom system data.