The pace of technology is generating an ecosystem approach banking needs to learn how to navigate
Why it is important to balance flexibility and convenience with security
How some customers just need to take small steps to see big gains
What can the banking industry learn from Amazon and its attitude to making business easier and more consumer-like?
How tools to manage expenses and payments can help keep businesses buoyant
Clients are demanding ‘Blockchain’ but commercial banks need to deliver the value built on it
Commercial banking partners play a vital role in keeping clients ahead of the competition
Full details are available on the Investor Relations page on the Hogg Robinson Group website.
Technology to allow visibility and control of business spend is key to managing future demand
While consumers use the convenience and technological advances offered by credit cards for over 35 per cent of their payments, corporate cards are used for under 2 per cent of business payments.
Payments and expense management technology company Fraedom, part of Hogg Robinson Group, has appointed former American Express (AMEX) director and payment management specialist Henry Pooley as its new Chief Commercial Officer.
Everybody wants to rule the world, but without digital banking no one stands a chance
Easy-to-use banking and payment apps have created a market for business users
A report reveals country wealth strongly influences consumers’ likelihood to pay by card or cash
New late payment regulation demands cultural and technical change
With the advent of smart charging companies need to be careful how they track employee spending
Follow these five tips to save money on your corporate spend and streamline processes too
There are many ways companies can cut costs with the savvy use of payment cards and automation
Analytics are essential to every business but many are missing out on insights that technology brings
Clever use of technology behind commercial cards can unlock value for both the issuer and the user
There is more going on with the ATM business than the consumer-oriented coverage admits
What does it agile mean and what impact does it have on your operations?
With credit cards available is various forms, businesses need a clear way to manage them
Keeping control of the company’s travel and expense account is a tricky job, but there are ways to do it
There's a tendency to think of business banking relationships as functional, this shouldn't be the case
Companies should embrace digital when it comes to managing the procurement process
Combining company credit card use with your expenses management system boosts cash flow
Apps are popular with consumers, but businesses require greater detail than they provide
Banks are starting to see the benefits of blockchain: speed of transactions and the data it provides
The infrastructure that underpins Bitcoin could be of big use for the banking sector
The changing nature of payments technology only serves to show the necessity for visibility of payments
In the world of payments AI could have an important part to play
Moving to an Expense Management System can greatly reduce the time it takes to process expenses
Delays in reporting expenses is the principal obstruction to employees getting reimbursed
Partnership or protectionism? Banks need to think carefully about how quickly services are changing
Fraedom has been recognised by CIOReview magazine as one of 2016’s Top 20 Financial Services technology solution providers.
Outsourcing benefits not just those directly involved, it also benefits the entire fintech ecosystem
Improving expense card management doesn’t mean throwing out legacy systems
The right technology can be the answer to keeping customers and staff happy
Technology is probably the biggest disrupter when it comes to banking, so what are the leading ones?
Banks need to embrace and not fear the growth of mobile payment technologies
The awards dinner was hosted by the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, Auckland Tourism and Economic Development, and major sponsor Westpac.
Outsourcing is key to keeping up with new technology-driven services
Fintech offers banks a new way to look at and deliver various aspects of their core business
Technology advances in the retail banking sector are starting to impact the way the corporate world works
Technology is changing the way that the financial industry works and banks need to work with it
How reducing financial complexity can grow your business
Why businesses should be using credit cards for more purchases
Bitcoin is going nowhere fast apparently, at least according to a recent Swift Institute report.
Young people ‘get’ technology and they are starting to influence businesses with new ideas.
We’re delighted to announce that Fraedom is a finalist in the ‘Employer of the Year’ category in the 2016 Westpac Auckland Business Awards.
Key facts and stats from Deloitte's B2B payments research, which found compelling evidence for the improved efficiency and cost effectiveness of digital and card payment functions.
Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today announced that it has formed a new Integration partnership with global technology provider Fraedom. Fraedom’s SaaS solution helps control the depth and breadth of indirect spend by integrating travel and expense management technology with business-to-business payments technology - all through one platform.
We’re hearing all too often in the media about corporate cards being misused by employees. Only this week, there was another story in the Australian press about an employee facing allegations of fraud. With this type of media scaremongering on a seemingly regular basis, who can blame companies for taking a tough stance on corporate cards? It doesn’t have to be this way though.
No one likes dealing with expenses, and it’s no wonder really. They’re a pain for all concerned, and if you could solve the problem you’d be in for some serious brownie points…
Research conducted by Deloitte on B2B payment trends found compelling evidence for the improved efficiency and cost effectiveness of digital and card payment functions. The study was conducted on 150 medium to large organisations, all of which make B2B payments.
Virtual payment cards are the future for businesses. They provide an innovative payment vehicle that lets businesses easily and safely pay suppliers in seconds with no paperwork, manual reconciliation or cumbersome processes but with all the checks and controls they need. But is this payment method as well received as it should be?
Everyone hates doing expenses. But what if you could fix that… You’d be a hero right?
Between 2011 and 2013, Purchasing Card spending in North America grew from $196 billion to $245 billion alone and is expected to grow 10.8% per year between 2014 to 2018.* Kyle Ferguson, CEO, Fraedom, spoke to NAPCP about his views on the changing direction of card spend.
A simple action such as purchasing a cup of coffee on a business trip has multiple steps involved, many of which are after you've paid for it! What if you could eliminate these steps and replace them with one really simple action?
Suppliers say that they haven’t been asked to accept card payments and haven’t put anything in place proactively. Buyers assume that suppliers don’t want to pay the merchant fee so they don’t ask. Everyone is second guessing what the other side wants but, as the latest research clearly shows, everyone’s jumping to the wrong conclusions…
The new wave of banking products are rapidly gaining pace and every day we’re having conversations about virtual cards, single use cards and dynamic payments. The banks are working out how to fit these into their portfolios to give customers more choice in how to pay, which for them drives more spend onto cards - ultimately driving more revenue. However, in their haste to come up with these new products that will allow more and more spend to be moved online, I believe they are missing a fairly fundamental point - people don’t care that it’s a card. In fact, people can actually be put off by the notion of a ‘card’.
One of the key challenges that we see time and time again is how can businesses manage their travel and expenses (T&E) more efficiently. Often their goals are very similar: reduce the amount of time spent on admin; cut down on processes; and save money. Here are five of the key T&E challenges we see on a regular basis, and some suggestions for what can be done to overcome them.
Did you know you could be saving over 300 admin days a year by using technology to manage your travel and expenses? Download our infographic to see how you could make more great savings.
Travel and Expenses are one of the highest costs to your business and could account for over 60% of your indirect spend! So if you're not effectively managing it, then you'll be wasting both time and money. But managing your T&E is easier than you think. Download our essential top tips guide and see how you can start saving time and money.
Itemize, the world’s leading receipt data extraction solution, and Fraedom a leader in corporate spend management, today announced a new agreement that eliminates user data entry when managing expense receipts.
In the travel world the term ‘leakage’ refers to any travel spend that happens outside a company’s policy. Whilst the news headlines often make it seem like there are thousands of rogue employees out there, all enjoying Caribbean holidays at their employer’s expense, in fact this is rarely the case. More often it’s just well meaning staff trying to do the right thing and save the company money.
I realised the other day how lucky I am that here at Fraedom we have a fantastic tool for managing our business spend. Of course you’d expect nothing less, but I do take it for granted. I forget other companies don’t have it this easy.
Take our short test to understand where you are on your T&E technology journey and where improvements can be made to deliver you the biggest benefits
2015’s leading industry report from Paystream Advisors shows that organisations are saving up to 75% on the cost of processing a single expense report by moving from a manual to fully automated system. Download our infographic for all the headline stats at a glance.
2015 annual report from the finance process gurus at Paystream Advisors examines travel and expense management technology in 2015, uncovering the trends being identified by leading finance and accounting professionals.
Whether you're looking to automate your travel and expense processes for the first time, update your existing system or integrate your spend management platforms, it's a significant business change. These top 10 tips will help you get started with choosing, right solution and supplier to meet your business needs.
With so many options it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a T&E management system. But finding the perfect solution doesn’t have to be difficult. This guide will get you off to a flying start when selecting a vendor, including the questions you need to ask and the information you’ll need to provide.
With the Fraedom Mileage Calculator, mileage expense claims have never been easier. The Mileage Calculator is an easy-to-use, reliable solution for creating, submitting and approving claims.
BMO Financial Group partners with Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) to provide clients with technology through the Spendvision platform
Sheffield Hallam University’s manual processing of invoices was laborious, with staff entering expense codes into spreadsheets, printing and attaching receipts. Finance then hand checked everything and entered information into a central system. Find out how Fraedom has helped to save the University’s finance team around eight working days per month.
The Warehouse Group, one of New Zealand’s largest retailers, was searching for a better way to manage its mobile phone expenditure. They selected Fraedom as the online solution that would enable them to review, manage and control telecoms expenditure more efficiently.
Barclaycard Spend Management (BSM) offers Barclaycard’s business customers an integrated, single platform to manage all their corporate spend. BSM’s Payables solution allows their business customers to put higher value transactions on credit cards, meaning customers can pay suppliers faster without drawing funds from their accounts immediately.
Survey: Over two thirds of best-in class-businesses rely on end-to-end management solutions to control travel and expense cost
Visa IntelliLink Spend Management provides extensive reporting and expense management capabilities for organisations of all sizes over a single scalable platform, powered by Fraedom. The solution allows Visa’s issuing financial institutions to offer a leading-edge transaction management platform to their customers, helping them strengthen their competitive advantage.
The need to reduce costs and improve savings when managing travel and expense remains a critical strategy for businesses. This latest report from the Aberdeen Group uncovers key actions being taken by leading companies and their need to improve business travelers’ productivity.
2014’s leading industry report from the Aberdeen Group shows that leading organisations are twice as likely to see Travel and Expense (T&E) management technology as critical to success. Download our infographics for all the headline stats at a glance.
With a large number of high-volume, low-value invoices to process, Walsall chose Fraedom to deliver greater efficiencies and improve overall spend management of lodge and purchasing card. Find out how Fraedom helped the Council to better manage their spend and achieve annual savings of around £100,000
Control and compliance put transaction management high on the boardroom agenda, finds Aberdeen Group research
Aberdeen Group published its annual T&E Expense Management report in March 2012. This report gives a comprehensive analysis of the processes, programs and performance of organisations in relation to expense management.

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