Fraedom is… a single, integrated platform that offers a better way to manage business payments.


Online card management

Cmd & Ctrl

Fraedom gives you the power to easily manage all aspects of your card programme and optimise the use of available credit. Online, in just a few clicks, and all without having to call your issuing bank.
  • Manage all card types online
  • Issue new cards, suspend old ones, change credit limits and more
  • No need to phone the bank

Automated invoice payment

Ditch the manual
& go automatic

Cruise to maximum efficiency with Fraedom’s automatic invoice payment. Fraedom works alongside your existing invoice approval process, streamlining business payments. This way, you keep hold of your money longer and creditors get paid more quickly.

1. Invoice approved

Your existing process

2. Invoice upload

Individually or in bulk

3. Payment actioned

Payment immediately authorised

4. Confirmation email

Email confirmation sent to supplier

5. Funds taken

Supplier withdraws funds

6. Confirm payment

Invoice auto-matched for reporting & reconciliation

Virtual card

Now you see me

Fraedom’s virtual card technology works like magic, allowing you to create unlimited digital cards that only exist for single transactions. Flexibility that makes payments more secure, controlled and easy to reconcile.

Flexible, modular platform

Take it to the bank

Our reliable, scalable technology means you can add functionality as and when you need it. Fraedom integrates with all major finance, ERP and HR tools, and works with any bank or card issuer. Top tier security, support and hosting all come as standard.

From knowledge comes Fraedom.