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Fraedom is... Outstanding, scalable technology that maximises the value of banks' commercial card programmes.

Customer acquisition & retention

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the crowd

To win and retain customers, just add Fraedom.

Get a competitive edge with Fraedom's Payment, Expense and Travel technology. Our solutions add value to your core services by helping you give your customers more insight and control over all their card-based transactions – all under your own brand.

Increased card spend

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Fraedom’s simplicity unlocks the true potential of card-based payment.
When technology is powerful and intuitive, people use it. Our solutions take the natural advantages of card payment much further,  encouraging more spending more often on commercial cards.
Many Fraedom partners have seen an uplift in annual card spend by as much as 25% through customers transferring more spend onto card, making higher value payments or using cards more frequently.

Flexible, safe & supported

All present and

Fraedom's modular technology comes with gold standard security, support and hosting built in.
Our fully hosted web-based platform is modular, so you can introduce elements at the pace required by each client. It works with all major schemes, networks and processors, and it's backed up with a variety of globally recognised security standards, plus expert support available 24/7.
Fraedom - Partner Solutions

Key service areas

Ingredients for

Fraedom delivers value for 155,000+ organisations, in three key areas...


A single, integrated platform that offers a better way to manage business payments.


A powerful, easy-to-use expense management tool that saves time and money.


A simple, fast online solution for booking and managing travel.
Fraedom Case studies

Case studies

Barclaycard Spend Management (BSM) offers Barclaycard’s business customers an integrated, single platform to manage all their corporate spend. BSM’s Payables solution allows their business customers to put higher value transactions on credit cards, meaning customers can pay suppliers faster without drawing funds from their accounts immediately.
Visa IntelliLink Spend Management provides extensive reporting and expense management capabilities for organisations of all sizes over a single scalable platform, powered by Fraedom. The solution allows Visa’s issuing financial institutions to offer a leading-edge transaction management platform to their customers, helping them strengthen their competitive advantage.

From knowledge comes Fraedom.