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Metronode replaces expense solution with Fraedom

Case studies

Metronode replaces expense solution with Fraedom

Metronode was looking to implement a new expense management system after the separation of its network and data center businesses.

They had inherited an existing expense solution and processes that didn’t fit their business model or needs. Iain Gaffney, Financial Controller, commented: “It proved to be a real headache for us. We had to export data out of the expense system and manually manipulate it before uploading back into our ERP. It was actually taking us longer than if we were using Excel spreadsheets.”

The Solution: 

After a false start and multiple frustrations with their existing provider, Metronode decided to work with Fraedom for the provision of a new expense solution.
“Some organizations think they’re stuck with existing technology. It can seem quite a challenge to remove and replace, but this hasn’t been the case for us. Fraedom made it very quick and easy to transition” commented Iain Gaffney. 

The Benefits: 

Metronode now has a solution and expense process that fits their current and future business needs. The manual burden for their finance team has been removed, saving them four days a month, and the process of claiming expenses for employees has been simplified with the ease of capturing and matching expenses whilst on the go.

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