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Banks, fintechs and SMEs: A global review of the opportunity

Unlocking value

After decades of focus on winning the hearts and minds of large enterprises, the banking industry is now keen to address the often overlooked Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) sector.

But how to succeed in this growing and highly lucrative market? At Fraedom, we’ve set to find out exactly what such a ‘recipe for success’ would look like.

So, we’ve gone out to research the industry in three key markets (UK, US, and Asia Pacific) and gathered our findings in a report aimed at offering a global review of the opportunity in the SME space.

Download our full report for a closer look into SMEs relationships with their banks and explore ways in which these relationships can be strengthened.

A look inside…

  • How fintechs help banks drive efficiencies for SMEs: in terms of access to funding, getting real-time control over business spend and enabling growth.
  • SMEs have digital needs: and want the same digital capabilities they get as personal customers. Find out how banks can deliver this quickly.
  • Are Asia-Pacific (APAC) SMEs equally ‘big’? exploring the SME industry in this part of the world by drawing comparisons to the UK and US.
  • Executive insight: Delve into the minds of top executives within the industry in two exclusive interviews surrounding the SME revolution.